Rotogrip All-Out Show Off

Rotogrip All-Out Show Off

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Inside you will find probably the most dynamic core in this price point. When we set out to create a new part for the HP2 line we knew we wanted an RG value of 2.55 and a differential of .045, needless to say we hit our mark and the motion is unmatched!

On the outside you will find the Stoked™ Hybrid reactive cover which consists of 2 parts solid and 1 part pearl. This will provide ease through the heads but provide super stability on the backend off friction due to the extra solid in the cover.

This ball was built to battle those Medium type conditions and provide an option on a variety of patterns if there is too much friction. Even though it comes factory shined, it can always be sanded to battle a little heavier oil.

Lane Condition - Medium


Factory Finish: 1500-grit Polished
Flare Potential:  Medium
Coverstock: Stoked™ Hybrid Reactive
Color: Purple / Neon Green / White
Hardness: 73-75 on D-Scale

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