Storm 2-Ball Rolling Thunder grau schwarz kariert

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  • Material
  • 600 denier polyvinyl fabric
  • Features
  • Taller, locking, dual stage telescopic handle with grip release
  • 5" wheels with six spokes and super soft clear-gum™ tires for ultimate traction
  • Wheel bearings for smoother roll
  • Reinforced zippers & stitching
  • Large Storm Bolt zipper pulls provide easy opening
  • Heavy duty frame and hardware, designed base for increased stability
  • Shoe compartment accepts up to U.S. men’s size 15
  • Ample storage compartments
  • Metal Storm badge for added prestige
  • 2-color embroidered logos
  • Specs
  • Dimensions: W:12" x D:18" x H:23"
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