Storm Secret Code

Storm Secret Code

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Storm Nation has spoken and we have listened. The Code series continues to turn heads and smash pins worldwide with its superior RAD4 powerplant leading the way. This famed core design gains another brother with the all-new Secret Code. Boasting the highest differential of any weight block in our lineup, RAD4 stems from the original Radial Accelerating Disc technology produced with the original XFactor™. Having been aggressively engineered over time, the amount of flare potential and backend hook is unprecedentedand has attributed to the success of all Code balls. The marriage of this weight block and our trademark R2S Pearl coverstock results in a beautiful display of effortless skid through the heads and crisp cutting downlane motion. R2S Pearl also does asuperb job at providing just the right amount of friction which enables the ball to retain energy extremely well thus increasing pin carry percentage. Suitable for players of all styles, the Secret Code will hush your oponents with ease. 

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