Storm Ice blue/white

Storm Ice blue/white

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Technische Daten:

Schale : Polyester Pearl
Factory Finish: 3500 grit factory polished
Kern: Light Weight Core / Pancake
Härte: 85-87 (Skala: 60-90)
Flare Potential : 1"- 2"  (low)
RG : 2.71
RG Diff: 0.005
Farbe: Blau / Weiß


Text des Herstellers:
Storm is synonymous with high performance, but not everyone is in the market for premium performance. The Ice series is perfect for recreational bowlers just getting their feet wet or the seasoned veteran needing a straighter option for spare shooting. The Ice Storm's traditional 3-piece core enhances predictability while the polyester coverstock ensures durability that other materials just can’t offer.

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